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How you can help through Contributions

You can make your tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation now.

Please print the contribution form.

Please send your check and the form to:

NCSS Education Foundation, Inc.
331 S. White Street, PO Box 2101
Wake Forest, NC 27588

We will recognize your generosity by publishing your name on this website, on the
Foundation's banner at the North Carolina Society of Surveyors convention booth, and
in the North Carolina Society of Surveyors newsletter, The Tarheel Surveyor, as:

• a Benefactor with a gift of $10,000
• a Patron with a gift of $4,000
• a Sponsor with a gift of $1,000.
• a Friend with a gift of $500
• a Contributor with a gift of $100
• If you wish your name not to be published, we will not publish it.

You may designate your contribution to go into the General Fund, or into the permanent Scholarship Endowment. The General Fund is used to bring a four-year degree in Surveying/Geomatics to North Carolina. It is also used to provide videos, instruction booklets, and other outreach material to high school and middle school teachers and career coordinators, and to support the Foundation's operations. The Scholarship Endowment is the principal, the interest from which is used to fund scholarships to study surveying.

We will also recognize your generosity specifically to the Scholarship Endowment as:

	•	an Al Frieze Fellow with a gift of $1,000 
• a Visionary with a bequest of $1,000.
This honor applies when you include the Endowment in your will.
• an Education Foundation Sustaining Contributor with a $100 a year
continuing contribution after reaching the $1000 contribution mark

Benefactors and Patrons will receive a Foundation appreciative plaque. Sponsors, Friends, Contributors, Al Frieze Fellows and Visionaries will receive a Foundation appreciative certificate. All donors will receive a letter of thanks with a record for your taxes.