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2014 Fundraising Results

This Years Winners are as follows:


Beach Condo winner was Don McEntire


A Big Thank You goes out to Don Clements for allowing us to use a week stay at his condo as a fundraiser. This year we were able to raise $2,850.00 from the condo.



Cash Winners:


Jeff Allen, PLS  won the grand prize of $2,000.00. (Sid Autry sold the winning ticket and won $100.00)

Susan Schall was the first ticket out and won $500.00

Bucky Lawley was the next to last ticket out and also won $500.00


A Big Thank You goes out to all the chapters and NCSS members for helping us sell the tickets this year. It was a first this year, we sold all 100! 28 of the tickets were bought by chapters of NCSS!


There were also several chapters that stepped up and have made donations to the Foundation this year.


Central Chapter $2,000.00

Southwestern Piedmont Chapter $1,000.00

Mecklenburg Chapter $1,000.00


The Grand Total Raised this year So Far comes to a whopping $16,850.00!!!!! Thank You for supporting YOUR Education Foundation!

2011/2012 Fundraiser News

Well the results of the fundraiser are in, The top prizes went  to:



1st Prize – Gary Annas – 270 Remington

2nd Prize – Jim Davis – Crossbow

3rd Prize – Steve Kaufman – Muzzleloader

We would like to say thanks to everyone who participated in our fundraiser,  without you the Foundation Could not perform its function. We are looking forward to a new fundraiser that will be more exciting that the one we just completed.


Fundraising Poll Results

The Poll was a great success. The winner of the Poll was the Classic Muscle Car category. We are actively exploring the main winner as well as the two runner ups, which were the Disney Vacation Club Membership and the All expense paid Hunting Trip.
As always thank for your continued support.
The NCSS Education Foundation


Fundraiser Results

We have good news. The winners of the fundraising are as follows:


The Beach Condo Trip was won by Kristie Cori.


The 50/50 Fundraiser was won by the Southeast Chapter of NCSS and they dontated the winnings back to the foundation.


So we had a successful fundraiser and dont forget the Gun and Crossbow fundraiser is still in progress.