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April 2013


All a buzz in April

I can’t believe I’m sitting here typing our April blog! Time flies! And since it’s April- you know what that means, the North Carolina Society of Surveyors Education foundation’s scholarship committee is happy, happy, happy. I love watching this process unfold, things like, reading over the applicants essays on why they are choosing to be surveyors. There is just something completely inspirational about understanding this board’s history and seeing all the contributions from those by who have graciously severed on this board before me. It just reminds me of exactly what can be accomplished when people join forces and work together. Which lends me to ask, have you ever wondered how you can get involved- It’s so simple-just contact us! In fact if you’re reading this then just hit the button above that says “Contact us”! There are so many opportunities before us that we truly have something for everyone. Also take a minute to check out www.BeaSurveyor.com always new stuff to see there, and our next meeting is coming up in May and I’m really looking forward to it. Also I never want to miss an opportunity to send out a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who stopped by and saw us at the North Carolina Society of Surveyors Convention, and to all those who have generously supported our cause. Hope your April is Grand!! Catch you next month!