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June 2013


The Short Sell



There currently is a lot of talk about short sells in the real estate world. Of course the general definition is simply that a mortgage holder will accept less than the loan value to recoup as much as possible before foreclosure. Serving as State Coordinator for Trig Star, the last several years, the number one reason I hear for surveyors not participating in Trig Star is that the smarter students are the only ones that sit for the exam. It angers me when I hear surveyors say that the smarter students don’t have an interest in surveying. Does that not imply that the less than smart, possibly dumb kids look to surveying? I maybe an outlier but most every Professional Surveyor I have been associated with could have been anything they chose, but they chose surveying. Pardon me for opening my autobiography but I chose to sit for the fundamentals of engineering and the Professional Engineers exam eighteen years out of Fayetteville Technical Institute. This surveyor was successful on both counts. This morning I spent a few hours recovering lot corners in an old subdivision because I chose surveying, not that I am less smart but surveying is my passion. Why sell our profession short, see the real value in what is required to perform and sign and seal a survey that meets the standards. I challenge you to visit the website beasurveyor.com and tell me someone less than smart was able to compile such a complex offering for surveyors. Get real friends, if you see yourself as less than smart please be careful not to stereotype everyone in your group. I recall a few years back the craze was that surveyors did not look professional to the world around us. I even remember seeing an article, on surveyor safety, which suggested using a secure tie clasp while using a chainsaw if you were wearing a necktie. Get that image, a surveyor using a chainsaw to clear line getting their tie caught in the chain. My fellow Professionals I am no ways as concerned about how others see us as how we see ourselves. Do we need smart math students to replace surveyors; yes we do, because too many of our smart math students are aging out of the surveying profession. As a Society we need Trig Star, we need smart students to carry the torch but it will never happen as long as we sell ourselves short and convince ourselves that we can be replaced by the less than smart.