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July 2014

Aging is not a virus


This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to be caregiver for my thirteen year old granddaughter who had been sick for a few days. With parents permission we made a doctor's visit in the afternoon and learned she had the Adenovirus. The doctor assured us that she would be back to normal in a couple of days. Come Thursday she was back in school, kicking a soccer ball and resuming a fast paced life style. A couple of days later my wife exceeded her limit of yard work and has been wearing a knee brace ever since. She commented to me that you don't heal from aging. What a true statement. We can grow old gracefully with many keeping good health into later years, some not so lucky appear to lose many abilities early. No one, not even the Dick Clark type, is able to retain the teenage years with energy to spare. As a profession we are aging and the only way for the profession to survive is to replenish. I see the new technology and ache for the opportunity to start over, not going to happen. As an aging Professional Surveyor I can encourage beginners to prepare for tomorrow by equipping themselves with all the education possible and by participating in activities that provide educational opportunities. As a member of the Board of Directors for the NCSS Education Foundation I am excited to be a part of the energy and funding to support education in North Carolina, education is the cradle for the future of surveying.