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December 2014

Who is the more blessed?


Entering into the season of giving I am reminded of the admonition given in the holy scripture that it is more blessed to give than to receive. As contrary to human nature as that concept is, it remains true. Having served on the NCSS Education Foundation Board of Directors for several years giving countless hours to meetings and performing task for the Foundation, let along the expense of attending, I can readily confirm that I received much more than I have I given. Having had the honor to serve with Professional Surveyors as well as others Public Directors who shared a common goal of elevating the surveying profession has been rewarding. Just in case you don't know, there are some extremely smart individuals holding licensing to practice surveying in North Carolina and they continue to offer their talents to promote the profession through education. I am convinced that the surveying profession was not only defined but has been maintained by men and women willing to bring their talents to the table and support the Society of Surveyors in North Carolina. The profession continues to fight against forces that would derogate surveying as an apprenticeship job with no required standard of practice. The late George Jones left us with a sobering question as he sang "Who's going to fill there shoes". Young surveyors; step up, accept the challenge, make it better. Many of you have more education, more opportunity, and certainly a better foundation to build on than those you follow. Test the waters, serve along side of your peers, give back to the profession and you will experience this phenomenon. This is not a quid-pro-quo relationship, I am not suggesting that you give to receive, I can assure that in your giving you will receive and the profession will be the beneficiary. As I leave the Foundation Board of Directors I assure you that I have no plans to abandon the Foundation or the Society, my talents are available. Join Me.