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November 2012


How green is ethics?

Talking with a friend recently, I asked if he thought himself to be ethical. He responded with, most of the time, depending on how much it cost. I guess I always knew there was a relationship between cost and ethics but don’t remember it being admitted to so readily. Then what is ethics? Most every organization has a stated code of ethics, a list somewhere that addresses the good and the bad, a do’s and don’ts mandate. But does the list insure ethical behavior? I think we all agree that a well memorized code is only a code unless enacted by the individual. I find it hard to separate ethics from individual values and how those values were put in place. We get a portion of our identity from our values. Attempting to alter ones values challenges their identity and most often will result in conflict. A person nurtured in a Judo-Christian environment will most likely have a different life perspective with a different set of values than someone from a different theological background. I certainly do not intent to imply that ethical behavior is solely based on one’s faith experience but may need consideration when trying to understand another’s perspective. I was a part of an organization, in a former life that felt it necessary to state the values of the group. After a lengthy discussion we all agreed that valuing family must be the number one value on our code. At the conclusion of the meeting we were all invited to a local strip club for dinner and entertainment; I had a conflict. As a community of professionals, that are control by a standard of practice, ethical behavior must be at the center of every decision to preserve the integrity of the Surveying Profession. An old adage seems to fit good here “what you are doing speaks so loud that I can’t hear what you are saying”. I conclude with a personal observation that ethical behavior is not what we say we are, but what we do everyday.   

July 2012

Red, White, & Blue Education


With Independence Day coming up this week, and thinking about the NCSS Education Foundation’s mission being to aid in seeing professionally educated Surveyors. I found the following information pretty interesting. Jim Clifton, since 1988, has served as the CEO of Gallop. He wrote a book released last year all about the subject of jobs and job creation. In his book he noted that Education is a crucial factor. “Universities are a critical part of new-company formation, and America has a decided advantage because its top 100 universities … Great universities are the origin of most highly successful startups. By design, they have the best ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation. Universities are target-rich with inventions and smart business models. They also have a disproportionately high number of super mentors of all kinds populating them. More super mentors are highly involved in the top 100 universities in a wider variety of activities than anywhere else. The overall university system in the U.S. has been and remains the best in the world”. I have been witness to that very statement. The Be a Surveyor website, over the last few months, has received inquiries from international land surveying students seeking information on education and internship opportunities here in the states. It just goes to show that quality education is still made in the USA.

And with that in mind I want to thank everyone who has giving and/or volunteered their time to the NCSS education foundation. Accomplishing our mission is only possible with your help! Also Congratulations to our Raffle winners! Our next Directors Meeting is coming up on July 13, and I’m excited to meet the new folks who are getting on board. Until then, stay safe in this heat!  

May 2012

New Features,Updates @ BEASURVEYOR.COM


The beasurveyor.com site had really started to take off, we now have two survey firms that are advertising on the site, Google Analytics are showing great advances in our organic search results, the newsletter is now in place and you can sign up for the newsletter that will be published containing:


  • Articles about Surveying

  • Job Listings

  • Internships Available

  • Updates and News from Colleges and Universities

  • Scholarships Application Deadlines

  • Seminar Schedules


And lots more to follow. We are excited about the newsletter, the surveying community is really starting to take hold of the beasurveyor.com site and it will become an invaluable tool, in the surveying profession. If you would like to be a part of the beasurveyor.com site or effort, contact us via our contact form and we will most definitely get you involved.


We can see the future is very bright for the beasurveyor.com site and encourage everyone that is involved with the surveying profession to check it out.

Winston Salem State University Summer Technology Institute (SciTech)

Station 1Station 2

Station 3-1

The North Carolina Society of Surveyors Education Foundation was invited to participate in the Winston Salem State University Summer Technology Institute (SciTech). Anxious to introduce students to the surveying community an agenda was developed to provide a general overview of the many facets of surveying along with hands-on field applications. SciTech was held on WSSU campus with access to a state-of-the-arts classroom and an adjacent park area for field applications. The morning was kicked off by Doug Suttles, PLS presenting the NSPS video. After the video Doug gave a general overview of the Be-a-Surveyor and NCSS websites. The group moved to the park where six stations had been setup to allow the students to interact with a Professional Survey and practice some basic skills. Lewis Moore, PLS manned the first station discussing measuring angles and distances utilizing a total station. Clint Osborne, PLS was collecting GPS data along with demonstrating handheld GPS devices at station two. Clint taught a brief session on latitude and longitude and had the students record a GPS Lat and Long then find themselves on a flood map. Station three dropped back in time for surveyors; but what would we do without a good compass and the knowledge to use it. Doug Suttles, PLS used handheld compasses to teach the students directionStation 3 and had them locate preset points using a compass, tape and metal detector. They all left station three knowing which direction north was. Gale Brown, PLS and Roger Johnson taught the fundamentals of stakeout at station four. The students had an opportunity to turn angles and tape to establish triangles and measure the missing sides. Station five by manned by Sid Autry, P.E., PLS and had the students count the number of paces in a 100 foot length and then count their paces in an unknown distance. Many were amazed at how close they came to the actual distance. The snack tent, station six, became very popular as the morning heat increased. Brett Abernathy, P.E., PLS and his two daughters gave out beverage and light snack to each student and their adult team leaders. Several old survey plats of the WSSU campus, circa 1945, were provided by Dickie Bennett, PLS. Brett had these at the snack tent and pointed out platted features along with a recent plat Allied Associates had completed of a portion the WSSU campus. The event was concluded in the classroom with Sid Autry discussing the educational opportunities in the Triad for careers in surveying.

Station 6

Station 5

Station 4

April 2012

Scholarships,BEASURVEYOR, where to start?


It’s that time of year again! Here at the North Carolina Society of Surveyors Education foundation, we are all excited as the March 15, 2012 Scholarship priority deadline has come and gone. This is the season where all the planning and hard work starts to pay off. It’s the moment where we get to look toward the future. I, for one, can tell you that being a part the NCSS Education Foundation Scholarship committee is special! I get an amazing front row seat to hear directly from the next generation of North Carolina Surveyors, and to help them in their scholastic pursuits. The stories they share are nothing short of inspirational, and the excitement they bring is contagious. So it’s safe to say, that I am really looking forward to our NCSS Education Foundation board meeting this month at Central Piedmont Community College!

I love this quote by Wayne Gretzky who said “You will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” With that in mind, it’s Ok if you missed the deadline this year, just go ahead and start working toward next year. It’s super simple! First, go to www.NCSSEducationFoundation.com look on the left where it says “online application Form”. Fill in the boxes and click submit, then you’ll have already completed step one! Also, we are always available for questions and would love to hear from you! You can contact the NCSS Education Foundation by going to the website above and clicking on the “contact us” tab. Also the www.BeaSurveyor.com site is evolving daily, and if you haven’t been by to check it out, you need not waste another minute. There is so much information available right at your finger tips. You can find Continuing Education classes, contact the North Carolina License Board, and find links to Community Colleges and Universities nationwide, and so much more. It is really a wonderful resource. It’s also a great place to advertise (just check the search engine rankings). I mean what’s better than knowing your advertising dollars are flowing right back into helping maintain and promote the future of Land Surveying in North Carolina.

I want to also send out a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who stopped by and saw us at the North Carolina Society of Surveyors Convention; you are truly what makes the profession of surveying so great in North Carolina! And don’t forget that our 2011/2012 Gun Fundraiser is still underway, tickets are going fast, so make sure you’ve got yours. Tickets are $20 each / or 5 for $80 and as soon as there gone… we draw!

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